Chatbot Packages

Chatbot Packages


Your Very Own 24/7 Digital Customer Service Rep

We help you build a chatbot flow that is specific to your business.
Chatbot flows can automatically and immediately help you answer enquiries, educate potential customers, filter potential customers, gather customer information, and even send customers your PDF catalogues

  • Enquiries are replied immediately, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • No more delay in replying customers resulting in loss of leads
  • No more missed opportunities due to delayed responses
  • Reduce staff workload by up to 50%, freeing up time for other more important tasks.
  • Filter initial potential customers
  • Educate customers before giving them prices
  • Collecting information that can help you close sales better

1 Simple Pricing With All The Benefits

Chatbot Packages​

$199 / 1 Time Set Up

Inclusive of
 Setting up of chatbot account and connecting it to client Facebook page
 Creation of Greeting text
 Creation and automation of Welcome message with 5 FAQ questions

 Creation of 2 flows (1 flow is for 1 product or 1 service only, up to 7 steps only)

  • Greeting message → Product introduction & information → Get
    contact details → speak to customer service or consultant
  • Extra flows are chargeable per flow
 2 x optimization of the 2 flows
 Initial troubleshooting and testing of chatbot connection and flow
 Dashboard with 1 team member

Chatbot system

$39 / every month

 0 - 5000 subscribers

 Recurring fee will increase based on subscriber amount tiers

  • 5001 – 10000 subscribers
  • 10001 – 15000 subscribers

Monthly maintenance

$59 / every month

 Charged monthly – for up to the first 5 flows

 Troubleshooting of chatbot connection and flow

 Optimization and up to 2 x monthly changes of current chatbot flow

 Interpretation of chatbot flow and improvement recommendations

* All chatbot written content, visuals, PDFs, catalogues, images, or any other marketing collaterals are not included and have to be provided by client

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sure! Just click on the link below and our chatbot will start interacting with you via Facebook messenger. Feel free to click around and interact with the chatbot.

*Please note that all bookings or enquiries made to this demo chatbot is not monitored.

➡️ Click here to experience the chatbot

A flow is specific steps that your users run through in your chatbot. For example:

Greeting message → Product brochure → Current Promo → Get contact details from customer → Thank you message

We can create one flow for each scenario that we need. For example, 1 flow for product A and another flow for product B

Our chatbots can be used on Facebook only

No, our chatbot only covers Facebook

It usually takes around 10 working days

Depending on your chatbot use case, we will first propose a flow with sample questions and sample images. After the flow is amended and finalized, you will just need to provide us with the information and actual images to be replaced into the chatbot flow

Chatbot subscribers are people who have interacted with your bot

Our chatbot will allow you to welcome new users, send them content, respond to specific keywords, and much more

Yes you can, and we will provide you with a step by step PDF to show you how to set up your chatbot flow in your Facebook ads

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