Facebook Training for SMEs

Facebook Training for SMEs


Master Facebook Marketing

Take charge of your company’s Facebook marketing through a training that is custom made for your company and industry. By the end of this training, your marketing team will enjoy these outcomes:

  • More leads and conversions from Facebook Ads
  • Improved Understanding of how Facebook Ads work
  • Greater control over your ad campaigns
  • More efficient use of your ad spend
  • Informed decisions based on data
  • Avoid common mistakes and pitfalls

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1 Simple Pricing With All The Benefits

Facebook training for SMEs

$449 / per Pax

Inclusive of
 Strategy recommendations specific to your company and industry
 Know how to setup ads for all stages of the Facebook funnel
 Be able to read and interpret the metrics on your Facebook dashboard
 Know how to scale your ads when things are going well
 Know how to deal with the common challenges that arise
 Maintain a consistent and reliable stream of desired Facebook ad results
 Have a framework that you can ultimately replicate and delegate to someone else

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Frequently Asked Questions

This Facebook training is suitable for SMEs from virtually any industry. We have provided trainings to clients that run a factory, brand owners that are looking for distributors, direct to consumer products, and even clients from the education industry

Yes. Just reach out to us and we will work out a package price that will fit the number of participants that you have

While Facebook’s dashboard and layouts are constantly changing, our training is focused on strategies and best marketing practices that are applicable long term. Apart from that, we also manage advertising for our clients so we will be up to date on the current Facebook advertising interface.

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