Social Media Marketing Consultation

Social Media Marketing Consultation


Social Media Consultancy Service

If you’re tired of not having control over your digital marketing results, and are looking to build up your internal team’s capabilities to plan, create, and manage profitable social media campaigns, you are at the right place.

Through our consultancy service, we strive to train your internal team be independant and competent in the shortest time possible.

Apart from having the competency to manage basic and advanced Social Media campaigns, your business will also gain the following advantages:


You will be able to respond quickly and accurately to what your customers want


You will get clarity of the bottlenecks of your consumer journey


You will know your ROI and be able to make informed decisions about your marketing strategy

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Our Approach to Social Media Marketing Consultancy

Digital marketing is just a tool, it amplifies what is good (or bad) about your business.

That is why we put a lot of focus on understanding your business , building good process and making informed decisions based on data.

All in all, we’ll focus less on the fluff and more on the practical, executionable things that work.

Business Improvements

Success Stories

B2B Platform Targeting Brand Owners

Leads generated in 90 days

RM8,037.09 spent
Return on Investment

RM136,000 sales

Other Business Improvements

  • Client now knows the best USP that speaks to their target audience and uses this to develop more collaterals
  • Challenges has shifted from lead generation to putting more effort and training processes internally to help close sales

ID Services Targeting F&B Owners

Leads generated in 60 days

RM2,605.57 spent
Return on Investment

RM182,000 sales

Other Business Improvements

  • Client found the best marketing angle to speak to their clients – ‘variey of trendy products’
  • With proper benchmarks in place, teams are more accountable for each step of the consumer journey

Food Ecommerce

Purchases in 30 days

RM11,741.35 spent
Return on Investment

RM67,000 sales

Other Business Improvements

  • Client used all data provided to fine tune their targeting segments and website
  • Client used all data provided to fine tune their promotional strategies

Furniture Retailer With ID Services

Messages in 30 days

RM2,972.25 spent
Return on Investment

RM136,700 sales

Other Business Improvements

  • Client used data provided to fine tune their salesperson reply process, and to further improve their marketing catalogues


What Our Clients Say

1 Simple Pricing With All The Benefits

Social Media Marketing Consultation

$1,299 / Monthly

  •  4 x fixed 60 mins weekly meetings per month
  •  Building up internal capabilities to create basic ads
  •  Building up internal capabilities to create advanced retargeting ads
  •  Building up internal digital marketing processes
  •  Social Media ads troubleshooting and optimization
  •  Establishing internal digital marketing best practices
  •  Digital Marketing Results Benchmarking & Tracking
  •  Competitor analysis and monitoring
  •  Expansion and scaling of digital marketing campaigns
  •  Identifying and overcoming barriers in consumer journey
  •  Automation of digital marketing processes and ads

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. The objective of consultation is to build up your team’s capabilities to handle your digital marketing in-house so you do not have to depend on outside parties.

All execution work (creating and optimizing campaigns, creating visuals, copywriting) will be done by your team.

If you need executional help we do offer done-for-you social media ads management packages too.

The consultation typically lasts for about 6 months.

However, after the team is competent enough to handle their digital marketing in-house, clients usually continue on with us for our strategic input.

That’s why our available slots for consultancy is usually very limited.

If all goes well, clients typically see results within 3 – 6 months.

*Please note that this is not a guarantee of results as results are also dependent on products advertised, industry and external factors.

We are a bunch of SME owners that understands the challenges of SME owners when it comes to digital marketing.

That’s why all our strategy and processes are geared towards impactful business results (which is sales in most cases) instead of just ‘pretty numbers’.

No. Most of our clients team comprises of between 1 – 3 dedicated marketing staff.

The most important factor of success is having you, the SME owner own and drive all digital marketing strategies so that your staff has the commitment to execute and improve.

Yes, in fact, as shown in our success stories above, most of our clients are in the B2B sector.

It is advisable to have a minimum of 3,000 dollars (in your local currency) monthly advertising budget to be effective.

However, we might not utilize the full sum in the first month.

No, our professional fee does not including advertising budget.

All advertising budget will be tied back to client’s credit card, in an ad account that belongs to the client.

After we have agreed on a fixed weekly session, we will spend the first week understanding your business, products, markets, and USP.

After that, we will start working on copywriting and collaterals.

The goal is to be as efficient as possible and launch our marketing campaign within the first month to drive your desired business results.

We will be focusing mainly on Facebook and Instagram

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