Using Data To Help Our Client Scale To 1 Million In Monthly Sales

Using Data To Help Our Client Scale To 1 Million In Monthly Sales

At our Digital Marketing Agency, we strive to help SMEs make informed decisions that are beyond just their ads dashboard

Case study: Data-Driven Success in 2023

In 2023, we meticulously tracked and improved on our data tracking process with one of our clients.


Powerpoint slide showing consumer funnel and business results from data gathered from our digital marketing campaign
The actual slide we used to present to client (with info removed)


After compiling and running through 2023’s results, we uncovered several key insights, here’s what we know:

Digital Marketing Agency Insights:

  • What are the best performing marketing pillars and messages
  • What ad format and campaign structures worked best
  • Establishing benchmarks for cost per enquiry, CTR, CPM etc
  • What our campaign trends are, one of it is really interesting – when the weather is hot/cold, sales went down/up (we can’t disclose their nature of business but weather indirectly affects them)


Business Results Wise

  • Whole year overall ROI, ROI for B2B segment of the business, ROI for B2C segment of the business
  • Current sales breakdown for B2B and B2C segment
  • Average monthly sales directly from ads (not taking into account non trackable organic growth and halo effect of doing consistent digital marketing)
  • Whole year ad spend, B2B segment ad spend, B2C segment ad spend
  • Average number of clients per month broken down into B2B and B2C segments
  • Average sale value per client per month broken down into B2B and B2C segments
  • How many staff members required to achieve these sales numbers, broken down into B2B and B2C segments, broken down by departments (sales, front line, fulfilment and after sales service)

How we used these data to help our client plan for 1 Million in monthly sales

Disclaimer: All numbers are fake and made up, they are there just to help illustrate our point
To hit 1M monthly sales, we needed to get a 20% growth from sales directly contributed via digital ad spend.
Based on what we know above, here’s what we know we needed to do
Digital Marketing Campaign Wise
20% growth
= 20% more ad spend
= A different campaign structure focusing on our best performing ad formats
= A different remarketing campaign compared to what we have
= Different strategy of when to up or cut our budget, and when to be steady even though enquiry costs are rising
= Investment in video collaterals based on the best performing marketing messages
= 10 additional collaterals we need to create on a weekly basis to be able to cater to the new ad spend level
= 1 additional marketing staff
= Allocating another new budget to run hiring campaigns for all the manpower requirements
Beyond Digital Marketing Campaigns
20% growth
= RM400,000 sales monthly
= 1 additional manpower for sales (based on previous sales handled by per pax)
= 2 additional manpower for front liner (based on previous sales handled by per pax)
= 5 additional manpower for fulfilment and after sales team
= Improvement on the quotation level of the marketing funnel (send sales person for training, better SOPs for fulfillment and after sales, new marketing collaterals based on some of the client comments that came through ads)
= Launching 3 new products that they currently don’t have and based on 2 key market feedback
Through this approach, our digital marketing agency facilitated the client’s budgeting, marketing, hiring, training, and product development strategies
This is one the reasons we love doing what we do – leveraging data to help drive customer success.

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